Same House, Different Stuff

Same House, Different Things



Front cover of Same House, Different Stuff (Book)

Page from Same House, Different Stuff (Book)

About the Series

Utilizing bright colors, simplified forms, and patterning, this series of three monotypes (one print, one book, one 3-dimensional house) explores the spaces we inhabit and the options that often ensue. The images found within the pages of the book provide the viewer the chance to imagine these objects within the other works, serving as a catalogue of options. This catalogue is far from all-inclusive, giving just several options, making the room and house impossible to fully furnish from just what is provided. These additional items cannot be physically placed into other environments, leaving the viewer to mentally complete the scenes, translating from one scale and context to another. Rearranging a room or adding a new accessory gives a sense of clarity and satisfaction that often wears off quickly, leaving us desiring change yet again. Same House, Different Stuff considers what items have come and gone in our lives, how spaces have been rearranged, and the combination of the old and the new. When we look back, we only remember bits and pieces of where we’ve been, often creating a conglomerate of past time and space.

Right: Same House, Different Stuff (House)