Dream Room: Sort It Out

Dream Room: Sort It Out (Detail)


silkscreen and monotype box containing hand-embroidered felt background and movable pieces, risograph zine


Above: Front Cover of box

Below: Backside of box

Action detail

Front and back covers of Dream Room: Sort It Out accompanying risograph booklet

Interior of booklet depicts drawings of the felt objects as well as short, humorous phrases reflecting my feelings about them

About the Work

Dream Room (sort it out) is part of my exploration of a life-long discomfort surrounding space and objects. I have never felt truly moved in to a space, despite living in the same room in the same house for my entire life. In ways that I have not yet fully considered, my house and the objects within it have played a pivotal role in my life, particularly in terms of my art. This work begins to address the overwhelming feeling of having too much stuff. The felt objects hardly all fit in their room. The risograph booklet, reminiscent of game instructions, offers a short phrase for each object, expressing a dislike for the way the object exists in my life. I love all of these objects, but I still have worries or dislikes surrounding them. Looking at archives of furniture catalogues, museum exhibits, and old toys informed my work.